Broken Tap Remover

SFX Portable EDM Broken Tap Remover, Non-contact Fast Remove M2-M36 Broken Taps, Drills, Studs, Drifts, Screws, Plug Gauges, etc. Without Damaging the Thread.

Small Size, Light Weight, Split Design, Suitable for Large or Heavy Work-pieces Processing. Depth Setting, Alarm and Auto Retract. 

1 Year Warranty for SFX Broken Tap Remover. Stock Available in NJ and CA, USA. Free Shipping Fast Delivery. 

2000W EDM-2000B(M2-M30), 3000W SFX-4000B(M2-M36), 800W EDM-8C (M2-M20) are best hot selling Portable EDM Broken Tap Remover Types.